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New Arrival  ( 7 colors and 4 sizes Available now; click here to buy it online )

Hi Guys,

the new Ecommerce website (EDENPETZ) just launched.

Now you can visit our full range of products line and buy it online on


Please have a look and any comments are welcomed.


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Edenpetz team




Consumer & Wholesale Pet Products

Wholesale Pet Products

Eden.H limited, the New UK Importer of Wholesale Pet Products. We are now introducing our wholesale pet supplies company to the public with great pleasure. Here, you will find loads of fresh wholesale pet accessories, including wholesale pet carriers, brought overseas you rarely see in the current market with great offers. We will always try our hardest to provide the best!


Here at Eden H UK, we specialise in wholesale pet products. This is the main business we are dealing with at the moment. If you are looking for fresh products based on wholesale pet accessories, we have got them with the most fashionable design; if you are looking for great value wholesale pet carriers, we have got them with the reliable quality at unbelievable price; if you are looking for wholesale pet supplies bought in bulk, we have got thousands of them ready delivered to your door.

To always bring the best, to serve as more as we can, Our Ebay Shop is now alive for personal households, who are looking for individual buying of us.Please click on our SHOP button, or contact us for more details. 

Just remember, we will always do our hardest and kindest work to our clients with great pleasure.








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